Monday, July 17, 2017

 My 2017 Gift to Our Supporters

"In Heaven" 

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Dear Friends and Families of Heaven’s Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc.,

Death and missing a loved one is something that creates the most sorrowful experience on earth. Some of our loved ones go quickly and we are filled with shock. Some of our loved ones slowly deteriorate before our eyes and were are relieved that they are no longer in pain. Some of our loved ones go young, some of them go when they are older and some of them actually become consumed with despair and end up taking their own lives. Either way, death of our loved ones is one of the most challenging things to deal with during our lifetime. As His Healing Minister I was blessed to write this poem, I’m writing it with the desire to help heal some of that pain. It is my hope that although you miss your loved ones, with this gift of Holy prose you will rejoice in the fact that our loved ones are doing something we are all destined to do and that you will realize that although they no longer walk the earth, our loved ones are still always with us in many different ways. May these glimpses of “In Heaven” encourage you to practice your future eternal duties and create a more Heavenly world to live in before you arrive at your final destination.

Thank you for your continual prayers to help Heaven's Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc. create Service-Learning throughout the world 0:)

May God Bless you and yours 0:)

Believe in Miracles 0:)

Laura Ann Osterman
Elementary Educator
His Healing Minister and
President and Founder
Heaven’s Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc.

If you enjoyed this gift of Heavenly prose filled with LOVE,
please give all gratitude and glory to God the Father, Jesus Christ His Son, the Holy Spirit, His Holy Angels, Saints and Martyrs 0:)


               I would especially like to thank God the Father, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the Holy Spirit and all of the Holy Angels, Saints and Martyrs in Heaven for my gift of poetry. I would also like to thank my friends and family for all of their support  and for tolerating my hermitage during the creation of "In Heaven".  I hope that "In Heaven" helps heal everyone's heart around the world, especially those of my friends and family. I also hope that it motivates people to practice their faith, future heavenly duties and service to God while they are on earth and make it a safer, loving, and peaceful place. "In Heaven" has a copyright so that it remains priceless, but you may share it with others throughout the world. 

Peace be with you 0:) 

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