Saturday, December 19, 2015

Rethinking the way things are with #prayzersize: Exercise you body, mind, heart, spirit and soul!

Created on the Feast Day of St. John of the Cross during the week of the announcement of the Canonization of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

I'm creating a new word. It's called #prayzersize . It occurs when you pray and exercise at the same time. Exercise your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul all @ once! Join in on the fun and get rid of that muffin top and more:)
There are many of us throughout the world who dedicate daily time for prayer. Why should we be out of physical shape because we run out of energy or time? #prayerzersize is created uniquely for the individual and I believe that you will find that as you engage in #prayzersize you will acquire more energy to do more #prayzersize on a daily basis.
Give this gift to yourself. What have you got to lose? I truly believe that our Creator cares most about where are hearts and minds are focused during prayer. One can absolutely focus their heart and mind while moving. With today's technology people can easily download prayers to listen to and read while they are exercising. I prefer to just get on my recumbent bike and #prayerzersize away! The time will fly! You will not be bored at all because as you focus your mind and heart, your spirit and soul will be connecting on the highest level and then one day you'll see a completely different body in the mirror. The body you have always dreamed about and the one you have always prayed for.

If you already have an amazing physique, you will be able to reach a deeper connection beyond your mind and body. #prayzersize is exercising to connect your heart, spirit and soul. Release those fears and anxieties that bring you down on a daily basis and trust that you are loved and cared for deeply by your Creator. It may be a way find a place of solace during times of tremendous grief for yourself or others throughout the world and may also help cure any blues you might have, or serious issues with depression.
You can start slow, but you will be absolutely amazed at how you gain stamina in increments of three. Try this #prayerzersize for 30 minutes one day. You'll realize that you will wake up and be able to do it the next day again for 30 minutes, then on the third day you will easily be able to do it for 30 minutes. On the fourth day something miraculous will occur, you will be able to double your time or even triple it. You may also start to notice that as you wake up you think "#prayzersize". This will help give you the strength you need to get up, or you'll just be excited to get up and continue your journey towards exercising you body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.

When the body lacks energy and enthusiasm it is not able to share its heart, spirit and soul with the world.
When the spirit and soul are not exercised, they are not connected to an invisible force that has created, is creating and will continue to create miracles in the world.

#prayzersize will ensure that your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul are working at optimum capacity to thrive and serve in the world!

If you have been praying for help to lose weight. This is the answer to your prayers and you can continue to #prayzersize as you experience the Miracle of an answer to your prayers. Please share this with your friends and family who are frustrated or struggling with their weight. Thank you for praying and being dedicated in your prayer! Enjoy the body you only dreamed of as a gift from heaven above and remember to #prayzersize 0:)

I look forward to seeing the results of the gift of #prayzersize.

Please feel free to send before and after results to us.

As your body becomes a powerful energetic force for God, please remember to help those who are less fortunate:)

Peace be with you,
Thank God for #prayzersize 0:) 

Laura Ann Osterman
Founder and President
Heaven's Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc.    

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